Synthetic Ultra Penetrating Oil Blend for Firearms and Knives(with Needle Spout) (Click on image for more details)

$ 18.99

ActionsbyT is now offering you our handmade synthetic ultra penetrating blend of very fine oil which we designed for firearms and knives. This is not the typical oil. You will use a tiny drop that will penetrate and lubricate your very tight and difficult handgun areas, or if your knife blade is hard to pen and close this blend will correct your situation.  

This package will contain 2 of our new 5 ML size bottles. One bottle will have the standard spout with a black cap and the other is a special design with a needle spout and a cover that is attached with a poly lead that you can not loose.  All these bottles are filled and the mixture is blended by Teddy Jacobson by hand.  Free Domestic Shipping.